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Friday, May 12, 2006

And my excuse this time is.........

I know. My attempts at blogging are next to useless. I start off with good intentions - even I can manage once a month. But no. I haven't blogged since March.

Trouble is, I think about blogging then when I start I get distracted. Anyway, I thought I'd blog this afternoon because I have just finished another round of revisions on my YA. It's winging it's way, as we speak, to my CPs and hopefully, after they've run their beady eyes over it, next week I can send back to my agent!!!!!

So, the waiting will begin again. Watch this space for any news.

Hey, what was that noise? Oh, I'm sorry, it was just the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. Sara, YOU'VE BLOGGED!! Now, since I really am meant to be critting your manuscript I'm just going to pick up my jaw and disappear back to where I came from. And did I mention Idol is on in 29 minutes?
yikes! Never let it be said I ignore your blog, Sara!
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