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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Girly Dresser

I'm not normally a girly dresser - as my friends will attest, but in a couple weeks one of my closest friends is getting married and I have bought myself some shoes and bag that are girly in the extreme. And they are GORGEOUS.

Now I might be a writer but I'm hopeless when it comes to describing items of clothing so.......
these shoes have little see through wedges and are see through with a shimmering pink inside and a sort of silvery pink flower on them and have a couple of thin gold bands going down the side (I know my description is making you desperate for a pair). And they are French and tres expensive. The bag is also pink/verging on purple, beaded and definitely doesn't go with the pink wrap I'm wearing - although I didn't discover this until I got home because I don't have a good eye for colour - unlike my daughter or my mother (why did this gene miss me, as did the big boob gene and photographic memory gene). But clashing colours will not deter from wearing them.

The girl in the shop assures me I can wear the shoes with jeans after the event. I certainly hope so. I can also wear them at the writing conference I'm going to in August. So I can justify the expense to myself. Trouble is, I couldn't hide the cost from dh because when I took them out of the box to show him the price was on both shoes for the whole world to see. Though it did placate him a little (not a lot) when I said they had 25% off.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Exciting News

I've just signed with agent Sara Crowe from Harvey Klinger for my young adult novel 'Virgin on the Ridiculous'. It all happened so quickly it still hasn't sunk in - lucky for me my fab crit partners are reminding me on a regular basis.

So here's how it all happened: I queried Sara mid November and two weeks later she asked me to email it to her - that had to be a sign, I just love emailing manuscripts as it takes out all the worry of posting from New Zealand. I mean, who knows what could happen to it on the way - it could be ripped open and stolen (ok, I have a vivid imagination but isn't that a writers perogative?). I could only send the partial (3 chapters) because I hadn't totally finished it (I know you should query with a complete manuscript, but I couldn't wait that long). On the 3rd January Sara asked me to send the full when it was ready (email again!!) and on the 9th Jan I sent it. Then only 10 days later (yes, 10 days) Sara emailed and asked if she could phone and discuss. OMG. I emailed back and we arranged to speak later that day (4 hours later for me, which luckily I passed on msn with my friends in the UK, who were as excited as me). I agreed to go with Sara straight away - I know people say you should wait and think about it, but Sara was top of my agent wish list - what was there to think about.

That's it so far. I'm waiting for Sara (got to love that name) to email me some revisions - only minor - and then it's being sent out. And then the worrying/waiting begins again (talk about glutton for punishment). I'll update my blog as and when anything happens. Actually I'm being nagged that much by my fellow bloggers (you know who you are) that I might have to blog more regularly anyway.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tagged Again

What is it about me??? Do I invite Taggers? If I do, it's not intentional. Anyway, I've been tagged again, this time by my 'friend' Amanda. So here goes........

Seven Things:

To do before I die:
Star in a Broadway musical
Star in a Westend musical
Conduct a symphony orchestra (are you detecting a theme here)
Buy a complete designer wardrobe
Leanr to water ski
Go to the Oscars
Learn to ski

That attracted me to my partner:
Height (I come from a short family)
Hairy chest
Sense of humour

Books I love most:
Pride and Prejudice
To Serve Them All My Days
My Family And Other Animals
Anything by Sophie Kinsella
Anything by Marian Keyes
Anything by Penny Vincenzi
Bridget Jones Diary/The Edge of Reason

Films I love most:
Notting Hill
Love Actually
Sound of Music
Calamity Jane
Singing in the Rain
Miss Congeniality
Sister Act

Things I can't do:
Proof read
Cut in a straight line

Words of phrases I say most often:
For fucks sake
Did you have anything from the snack bar?
How would you like to pay?
Your feet are black
Have you cleaned your teeth?
What do you want for tea?
Did you have the last diet coke?

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