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Sunday, August 06, 2006

All about me

Yesterday at my writing chapter's meeting we had a lunch to celebrate my sale. Although I don't live in the Wellington area any more I still go to the meetings whenever I can - 3 hour drive each way - because we have such fun and it's great to see my friends; especially Kate, Ellie and Giovanna. The four of us, along with Emily, who no longer goes to Welly meetings, regularly go away for girly writing weekends - lots of goss, drinking, eating and a little bit of writing.

At Wellington, we have a new tradition whereby anyone who has something to celebrate has to wear a tiara. Unfortunately, Kate couldn't find the tiara so decided to bring her wedding veil (from her first wedding, which usually resides in her daughters dressing up box). So here I am complete with veil and Kate.

Here are some more pics. In the first one there's Diane, Kate and Giovanna. The second, it may look like a serious discussion on writing, but checkout the empty bottles on the table. And the third it's Ellie, me and Kate (Ellie looks good, Kate and I look like it's the morning after the night before!)

Looks like you had a great time! And I loooove the veil!
I love traditions like tiaras for sales and such. It just seems so fitting! Congrats!!!
What a nice touch to your celebration! And you look great in that veil! ;) Congratulations!
Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
Great photos, Sara. I can't wait until next year when I can crash your Wellington meetings!!!!
I can't wait either, Amanda!!!!!
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