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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Big Contest

Check out this totally fab contest, being run by my publisher Flux:

The Big Contest is a contest where readers respond to the following:

Flux and the books we publish are generally about change, particularly the changes that happen when you're a teenager. Now, we're not just talking about "changes" in that blush-inducing 8th-grade health class way. We're interested in all kinds of change, sudden and gradual, physical and emotional, hilarious or tragic.

In 500 words or less, tell us about how change has affected your life.That's a broad topic and it's supposed to be. There aren't any wrong answers, but winning essays will probably be insightful or passionate or ironic or sarcastic or all of the above. Or maybe they'll be something we haven't even anticipated. Extra points if you can explain why it's always the football coach who teaches 8th-grade health class. Contest is open to anyone ages 11-19, one entry per person.

Essays should be pasted into body of an e-mail (no attachments, please) and sent to Please note that by entering the contest, you are granting Flux the right to post your entry on our Web site. Five winners will be selected to win a complete set of signed Flux books. Entry deadline is October 11. Winners announced October 23.

I scanned through the first two paragraphs of this post and immediately started thinking...'Do I have any change in my life worth really writing about?' This went on for a full minute before I saw the age limitation...

Just as well...I never thought of a good hook anyway ;)
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