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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Idea, Idea, My Kingdom for an Idea...

So, here's the deal. In the grand plan I decided to write both YA and adult books. I thought maybe 2 YAs and 1 adult book a year would be an achieveable target, and still leave time for other things like checking page proofs, promotion, life, blah blah.

But..... I've been reading about how, for the purpose of your career, it's better for a newly pubbed author to concentrate on one genre. Fair enough, I see the sense in that, and as I want to be in the game for the long haul I'm happy to wait a while before doing adult books.

That means I'll be aiming at writing 3 or even 4 YAs a year. Which leads me to the main focus of this blog. 3 or 4 books, means 3 or 4 workable ideas. HELP!

I have an idea for the one after the one I'm currently writing.... and possibily one other. But that's it. In the past ideas have usually popped into my mind when I need them, but that isn't at the rate of 4 a year.

So, any suggestions........

What does your agent or editor say? Because really . . . you should be working up your option book if you sold your first YA and turned it in, and if so, has your editor given you some guidance as to what she is looking for? That can help you focus.


P.S. And for the record, I write YA as Liza Conrad, dark thrillers as Tess Hudson, and Chick Lit and catagory parnormals and mysteries as Erica Orloff. It can be done. I am not a huge fan of "there is only one way to do this."
Erica, I guess it's very early days. I'm waiting on a final set of revisions for my first YA. My option book is waiting in the wings (outline and 3 chapters ready). And I have an idea for a sequel to book number 1. I haven't yet had an indepth conversation with agent or editor on the future - which I will be doing soon.

You're right there's alwys more than one way to do things. In an ideal world I wnat to write YA and adult chick lit/hen lit - but I do feel most comfortable at the moment with YA.
I wish I had that many ideas, not to mention the ability to write that many books in a year.

I'm trying to balance historical and chick-lit, which is not that common, but it seems like I can think of plenty of authors who are doing YA and Chick-lit at once. I say, if you have ideas, submit them...just be lucky you have ideas...

But what do I know about working on a schedule or with an editor ;)
I'm the exact opposite. I have far too many ideas and most of them usually come to me. Of course, I'm not saying they are good ideas, though I'm still holding out hope for, I was a Killer Zombie Bride!!!
I Was A Killer Zombie Bride, is a cracker - could be your breakout book... especially if you set it against the backdrop of a motel in space!
I always get ideas when I'm working on something else. There seems to be points when working on something fresh is so appealing!

If you've got a couple of ideas floating around then I'm sure other things will pop up in the meantime.
I think you have to trust that the ideas will come... About 3 years ago, my CP claimed she'd run out of ideas and would never have a good one again... Well, she's sold about 5 books since then and is still coming up with ideas.
Free your mind and they will come :-)
Sara-I'm just impressed that you have so many ideas, period. I agree with Maureen: as time goes on (and life goes on), you'll probably be inspired by something else or something new. So I wouldn't sweat it. :) And hey, you're at least an idea or two ahead of moi!
Well, you've all make me feel better!

I won't sweat it. I've got more exciting things to think about, like what to wear to the Go Wild Awards dinner at the RWNZ conference on Saturday night. I was thinking of a gold thong and a couple of gold tassles on my boobs... but my friend was very rude about how it would look!!!!
Nothing wrong with gold tassles!! :)
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