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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A lesson well learnt

Once upon a time, in the land of Make Believe, there never existed such things as computer problems. Viruses were just the product of a vivid imagination; the mouse would always work; and the memory was never sated.

Until, one day, there loomed on the horizon Mr I'll Stuff Up Your Computer Quicker Than Look At You. The poor people of Make Believe ran as fast as their legs would carry them. But to no avail. Mr Stuff Up was too quick for them.

Soon broadband wasn't working; the Anti Virus wanted action taking but no-one was able to decipher exactly what needed doing; the memory wouldn't allow important manuscripts to be saved; and all the computer operators went into total meltdown.

The only thing left for the people of Make Believe to do was buy a new computer. So, they pooled all their money, resigned themselves to eating cornflakes at every meal for the next month, and approached the local Computer Guy, hoping for a deal they couldn't refuse.

True to his reputation Mr Computer Guy, came up with the goods. He placated the good people of Make Believe, sent in an emergency order to the fairies in Auckland who make the computers, and promised to set it all up in a week - just in time for the Make Believe writers conference.

And the moral of this story......... when your subscription to Norton runs out and they won't allow you to continue with the product you have because it's out of date, and insist you upgrade, IGNORE them, especially if you have a computer coming up to 5 years old.

I totally sympathise, Sara. When my dh upgraded Nortons earlier this year his computer crashed 3 times. It *could* have been sheer coincidence but being totally paranoid I wouldn't let him install it on mine after that.
I hope you didn't lose any files or writing progress, Sara! So sorry...
But now, at least, you'll have a brand spanking new computer!
Argh, as the person known as Computer Killer, I can totally sympathise with you. There is so much bad stuff out there in cyberland these days. My husband tried to network our computers awhile ago and took down the firewall for about five minutes. OMG, we were attacked like crazy. Totallys scary how much stuff got on in such a short amount of time.
I use McAfee and I had a megs update this week which has made my computer so slow.
Oh, Sara! I feel for you.

PS. Can you e-mail me adele's e-mail address? I just noticed she made another sale and want to congratulate her and realize I didn't get her card in Atlanta....

(If you don't have my e-mail, it's
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