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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehn........

I'm off to the RWNZ conference. Can't wait. It's a great time to gossip, drink, eat, learn about writing, gossip, drink, eat, network, gossip, get the picture.

And this year I'll be going as a pubbed author... I've dreamed of this moment. Sad, I know. But don't we all like to feel special? You don't? You mean it's just me????

And not only have I sold; this year has been unprecedented for the NZ girlies. My roomie has sold her fantasy (yay, Emily Gee.... look out for her, she's a class act when it comes to writing). And there have been so many newbie category sales... I'm going to attempt to name them and hope I don't forget anyone (sorry if I do): Adele, Karina, Tessa, Maxine, Anne...

I will return on Sunday evening and report back.

Btw the 3 pages a day is really working. It's even broken my internet addiction. I still go online, but not quite so obsessively. AND..... I have my new computer

Sara have a fantabulous time at the conference. Wish I was going too it would be brilliant to meet up with everyone.. but.. hey, there's always next year!
There is indeed - can't wait for you to come across the ditch to one of our conferences!
Have fun, Sara! I haven't been to a conference yet, but I think the experience of going as a pubbed author would be totally different and add a whole other level. (I've dreamed of it too).
Exciting! Have a great time and bring back a FULL report(especially of all the debauchery)! :)
Have a great time, Sara!
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