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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Big 'E'

For those of you who've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember me flirting, unsuccessfully, with Gym. After only a couple of months my motivation headed south - along with my goal for no wobbly underarms, filled out calves and a flatter tum!

Now I've turned to walking (easier on the back) and I've found a good 40 mins walk that takes me out of the village (they call it village but we live in small town of about 10k people) and back round by the side of the post office so I can collect the mail - perfect!

I was telling my hairdresser of my route, which does have a very tricky hill - well, very tricky for me. She said that when exerting myself I should be able to talk but not sing. So, yesterday I tried it. I was staggering up the hilly bit, legs feeling like cotton wool and gasping for breath.... yet I could sing!!!! As anyone who heard my rendition of Climb Every Mountain (what else) can testify.

I'm aiming to do this walk thing every day - apart from today as I've got to take daughter out.

So, what's your exercise routine...... and why am I one of those people who find it soooo boring? Not the walking - I do love walking in the country or along the beach..... but the other Gym stuff....

I find it dead dull myself. I'd love to go out walking, but it is so dang HOT and humid here for so much of the year, that I can't really keep to a schedule.

I have an elliptical (bought by my husband who swore he would use it all the time--I use it waaay more than he does) and usually just put whatever book I'm reading up on the little ledge and hope it distracts me enough to keep going.

Near the end it's all I can do to keep it up. I watch the timer count down to zero thinking that at some point it just has to get easier...
What's an elliptical?????? sounds painful.
An elliptical is one of those machines that has your arms and legs going - also called a cross trainer. hope that makes sense.

I've been a total gym junkie over the past year, still can't believe it myself! I also walk and run. I think the reason I don't get bored is because I'm so competitive against myself that I need to keep going. I've also recently discovered - and have been planning out all different courses.
I have a very stringent exercise regime. It involves the lifting of a takeaway latte from desk to lips at frequent intervals.

Highly recommended. hehe!
Hey, Christina... that sounds like my sort of exercise..... did you have to build up to it?

Kathrynoh - now I know my trouble. I lack the competitive instinct!
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Hi Sara--glad I'm not the only one who finds gym exercise boring. I'm much more successful when I stick to walking.

I walk with my kids the mile to school and then back. That's about the extent of my routine.

Maybe exercising while listening to audio books would help make it more fun.....
Yay, Sara. Walking is the best excercise ever and if you plan your route right you can peek into loads of windows, grab your favourite mags and some diet coke all on the way. Not that I would know about this of course...
Hahahaha, Amanda. I do like to make sure there are houses for me to nose into - in the name of research!!
I don't exercise--with four kids and all the writing . . . pets, life (!!!) I find I don't have time. ARGH! I used to do yoga--fits in with Buddhism. Now I am a total slacker, BUT I recently relocated from Florida, where it is very often grossly hot and humid, to beautiful, lush green and hilly Virginia countryside. SO, I plan on taking my corgi and Baby #4 for long walks now that fall is approaching and the weather will cool!
Good for you! I did really well two weeks ago and sort of fell off last week, but I'm going to kick it back into gear this week. I mix it up between going outside and to the gym ... hate the gym, but at least it's a workout.
The thing with the gym is I keep waiting for this buzz that I'm meant to get from all the exercise........and nothing happens...
I used to be an athlete... so I go nuts when I don't exercise. Not that it's done much good for my figure. (I have less luck with the eating-right side of the equation.)

I actually have been using a personal trainer for the past couple of years. Expensive, but I love it. In fact, I may be addicted. Each time I buy more sessions I tell myself it's the last time...

But the trainer makes me do things I'd NEVER do on my own. And I've become quite buff under all the chubbiness. Now I need a personal chef, too :-) As if.
Wow, Maureen. I'm seriously impressed. I often think about getting a personal trainer.... but thinking is about as far as I get.

I'm with you on not eating right. Why is it that everything that's bad for you tastes so good - like chips, sweets, chocolate - and all the good for you stuff tastes so yuck???? (ok, slight exaggeration... call it artistic licence)
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