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Saturday, September 09, 2006

These things are sent to try us.....

Without wanting to launch into a poor me pity fest, why is it that if something's going to go wrong, then lots of things decide to go wrong?

These past eighteen months have been trying, to say the least. Not only have we had to move twice, we've also been shafted by a real- estate agent, let down by our lawyer and dumped on from a very great height by our (now-ex) accountant. So, we've sorted it all out...... and today the freakin' hot water tank erupted (lots of water and steam) and we've had to close the motel for the weekend, until the new tank can be delivered on Monday. I spent ages trying to place our guests in other motels.... Arrrrggghhhhhh

Luckily, the hot water for our house is from a different tank, or this would have been a very smelly post!!!

So, rant over. Tomorrow we're going to have a day out in Napier - we'll visit the open-air spa overlooking the beach and then go to lunch at our favourite place, and worry about no income later. I even spent time on the job sites thinking maybe I'll have to get a job (other than doing all the admin/front of house stuff at the motel). I did find one but, really, do I want to go back into the corporate world?????? I don't think so....

Oh, no! It is crazy how everything seems to fall apart at once. On the bright side, it can only get better, right? :)
I hope so, Swishy!!!
Boo hiss to hot water tanks. That sucks soooo much (and of course if you had a motel in space it wouldn't happen). However, in the words of someone much wiser than I, just keeping remembering that 'this too shall pass'.
So sorry to hear, Sara. It always seems like when things go wrong--they go wrong in HUGE fashion all at once. So hopefully you have all your bad luck for the year over with.

I felt the same (but to a lesser degree) when we returned from this year's Spring Break in Florida. Seemed like everything was going wrong. And for a split second, I thought--maybe it's just not worth going on vacation. I immediately came to my senses!

I think your spa trip sounds like a great idea!
Hope you had a nice weekend doing stuff you wouldn't normally be able to do and that the hot water tank is being fixed right now.

Don't look for another job. You have one - as a writer!!
I hope one day to earn enough as a writer for us not to depend on other sources of income!
Well, don't leave us hanging in suspense! Is the hot water tank fixed? Are you back to being a domestic goddess? Or are you still browsing the situations vacant?
Hot water tank is fixed.... we had customers last night..... now trying to sort out the insurance!!!! And haven't been looking at the sits vac!
Good luck with sorting out the insurance, Sara.

And domestic goddess... lol!!!
Anyone who knows me knows you can't be further away from being a domestic goddess than I am hahahahahah
OK, so the domestic goddess bit was a bit of a joke! I know all about your track record with food when you're writing or catching to the witches on msn!
Catching?? I meant chatting!
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