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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I write because.... um......

Now here's the thing. I've come across two types of writers. Those who love everything about writing. And those who love writing once they have the finished product in their hot little hands.

Actually... now I'm thinking about it, there are those in between. Those who enjoy the planning and the writing of the first draft. And those (and I'm seriously struggling to empathise here) who love the revision process more than anything.

So when my father asked me today if I enjoyed writing... I said... of course, or I wouldn't do it.

But, whether I enjoy the whole process is debatable. Wherever I am in the process, I'm anxious to get to the next bit because I think I'll enjoy that more. So, when I'm planning I can't wait to write. When I'm writing, I can't wait to get to the end and go through and revise. When I'm revising I can't wait to start my next one.... and so it goes on.

And now I've sold, I can't wait for my cover, and I guess then it will be the publication date, then the royalties.....

I suspect this says more about me than anything else. I'm an impatient, short attention spanned person - a perfect fit for someone wanting a career as a writer, hahahaha.

How do you feel about writing????

currently like having a root canal without anaesthetic...oh sorry isn't that what you meant...

I usually hugely enjoy the writing of. I love/hate when I get to the End, and overall love going back layering in and editing wherever. Does this mean I love everything about writing, not sure, because some days I SO HATE having to open up my document I've been known to plug the iron in instead.
OMG, Christina - if you're resorting to ironing instead of writing that is very serious!

Come over here and lie down on the couch.... let's talk about this a little more and see what we can do to help the situation.
I feel just about same as you, Sara. Love the anticipation of what's coming, but being in the thick of any one stage always seems to leaves something to be desired.
Nobody likes the whole process. I think everyone pretty much has a love/hate relationship with almost every part. I absolutely loathe revising, but right now I'm kinda, sorta, almost getting into it. I also hate knowing I'm only 20,000 words into something, but it's fun to know there's a lot left. Stuff like that.
I vary on this all the time. I know I've claimed in the past to love revising... But right now I'm revising and it's driving me a little insane....................................
The only thing worse than writing a book is not writing a book!

Seriously, I think every book is different - some are so easy and joyful and light and then others feel like you are dragging them through a bush. Backwards.
You've nailed it, Amanda. Given the choice..... well, there isn't a choice
Hi Sara:
I love everything about it. I love setting my own hours, and commuting ten feet to my desk. I love getting to make stuff up for a living. I love composing my acknowledgments, and how grateful they make me feel. I love coming up with new ideas. I think the only thing that's really hard for me is the uncertainty. Nothing is a given . . .your career, yur royalties, nothing. You really have to love it to put up with that and the whole "waiting for an answer" thing with your agent and so on.

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