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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm gonna get on my horse, and get the %$@* out of here.....

Yes, guys..... in 4 days time I'll be on a plane to the SUNNY, HOT, BLUE SKIES of Noosa, on the East Coast of Australia. And I can't wait. 6 days of doing nothing but reading, sunbathing, walking up and down the beach and eating..... is it any wonder I'm getting the warm fuzzies just thinking about it....

At times, owning a motel is an experience not to wish on your worst enemy. When they say a job is 24/7 this truly is! I could eat my breakfast at 4 in the morning and still get disturbed.

The day starts when we get up, at 5.45, and ends when we go to bed 11pm - apart from when customers try knocking the door down in the middle of the night when they've lost their key, partner, way, marbles......

Having said that, it does give me the chance to write - only because I'm good at writing in five minute bursts and don't mind constant telephone/reception interruptions. And it does give us plenty of laughs - like when this woman came to the door when dh took her breakfast and she'd just got out of the shower and was holding a towel in front of her, not realising that the wardrobe door was open behind her and it had a full length mirror!

Of course, along with the laughs are the times you want to reach for the nearest bucket, but I guess you won't want to hear about some of the disgusting things people do to rooms/towels/bedlinen.....

Anyway, I probably won't have time to blog again before I go, but rest assured I'll be thinking of you all when I'm away (yeah, right). And I look forward to starting on my new ms on my return.... if only I can think of a plot......

Have fun, Sara! Love the wardrobe story...sounds like you could definitely use an escape.

I can't think of plot for my next one either... Luckily, I still have to finish this one.
Thanks Alyssa.... finding new plots can be so hard....
You are SOOOOO going to love Noosa and even if you can't have dairy, you've gotta make your DH have one of the coffee flavouried ice creams from the place at the end of Hasting Street. Seriously, they are the best things. Ever!!!
I don't suppose they do a soya variety, do they??????? Sounds yum. I will def make sure he has one and report back to you!!
I want coffee flavoured ice cream too!
Oh that sounds soooo wonderful (the vacation, that is - not the reflected backside of your hotel guest!)

Have a wonderful, relaxing time and come back with lots of good stories :)
I got locked out of a hotel room wearing just a bra and panties at 4 a.m. That was a fun extra key to get.
Good lord, I could never run a prison, let alone a motel or hotel! God bless you, Sara!

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