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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Opening Lines

Julie Cohen is challenging people to post the opening paragraphs of their book and comment on how they create character and conflict right away.

So, here goes. This is from The Second Virginity of Suzy Green. I have a prologue that shows how Suzy was in the past, but I decided to start with chapter one.

“Bye Dad,” I say, opening the car door and swinging my legs round to ease myself out.

New state, new school, new start.
New state, new school, new start.
New state, new school, new start.

It really helped when Maddie (aka best friend and person who knows nearly all my innermost secrets) and I were singing it the other night on the phone, but now it’s doing absolutely nothing to quell the nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I couldn’t sleep a wink last night worrying my butt off about today. What if they all hate me and won’t talk to me? I’ll be a right Larry Loner. Or what if everyone there is really weird? I mean, if the uniform is anything to go by I’m in serious trouble. I glance down at my way-too-long green and grey checked skirt, which no-one at my old school would be seen dead in, and shudder. And having to wear a tie really sucks. It feels like I’m choking.

This is a fish out of water story. Having Suzy talk about a new start indicates something's happened in her past. I also wanted to show with this opening that Suzy is an outgoing teen and she's confident in familiar situations, but can lack confidence when she's out of her comfort zone. But she needs to fit in, and will do what it takes.

Anyone else going to take up Julie's challenge?

Thanks for taking my challenge Sara!

I love that title and the beginning to your story really does what you say it does. Plus, it establishes your voice. Excellent.
I love the title, and your opening really makes me want to read more. :)
Great start, Sara! I love the little chant (and the title...)
Fun start, Sara. You have the YA feel down perfectly.

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