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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I've just been tagged by Alyssa Goodnight, and have to write 5 interesting or unique things about me.... yikes!!!!

Here goes:

1. As a teenager, on Saturdays and school holidays, I used to work for my father in his shop - he sold children's clothes. On a regular basis I would stand in the shop window like a mannequin (when he was out, obviously) and suddenly move when people were staring in the shop window - it kept me amused for hours!!

2. When I was 6 I broke my leg and had plaster on it from top to bottom. To this day, one of my calves is thinner than the other.

3. As a student I worked in a pub during the holidays. One evening, to celebrate the landlord's birthday, a group of us (including his wife) dressed up and did the can-can for him (yes, we did get totally wasted before doing it). When we bent over at the end, the writing on all our knickers spelt out 'happy birthday' (I was 'bir'). That was the evening I met my dh!!

4. I have such a bad memory, it's not unusual for me to put something on to cook and then go out. I also have no recollection of the time my children were born, how much they weighed, when they cut their first teeth, took their first step etc.

5. I'm such an anal list writer that I put things on my list AFTER I've done them, just so I can cross them off my list!

I tag: Amanda Ashby, Christina Phillips, Erica Orloff, Maureen McGowan and Allison Winn Scotch

Hysterical! I bet the maniquin thing kept you entertained for hours :)

And that is truly fabulous that you met your DH while celebrating your landlords birthday with the letters BIR on your can!
The can-can and the list thing are hilarious, Sara! So sorry about your calf.
OMG - Sara, I'm so pleased I'm not the only unnatural mother around because I so don't remember anything about my kids when they born (which possibly wouldn't sound so bad if they were 19 instead of 4 and 6!!!!!).
I'm so glad someone else doesn't remember their kids birth weight. I have no idea what my son weighed but when I tell people that, they look at me like I should win the Courtney Love Award for Bad Mothering.

Sometimes I get confused about his date of birth too!
hahah on the mannequin. Reminds me of the time we went to the London Dungeon and some kid got into one of the gory displays and suddenly moved. Bloody hell! You should have seen the stampede of terrified tourists! So funny. (I guess I'm just warped!)
I put things on my list after I do them so I can cross them off, too! LOL.
Kathryn, I'll share the bad mother award with you. Other things I've done to my kids:

1. Sent them to school, when they'd broken up for holidays

2. Enrolled my son in a new school in NZ and accidentally ticked the 'girl' box and also transposed his first and middle name - so they kept calling him the wrong name.

3. (my favourite) I decided to help my daughter relax before her exams (not that she got particularly stressed) and put a few drops of Bach Rescue Remedy in her orange juie (she was about 11) - and she was so relaxed she couldn't even finish the exam paper. She came bottom in that one (English) and in the other English paper came near the top (which is where she should have come). She has forgiven me!! But i still chuckle every time I think of it.
Accidently ticked the girl box! OMG! I hope your son forgave you (not sure mine ever would!!)
Love your list!! the can-can, the shop window. hard to say which fact was funniest! I will have to get my tag up today. :-)

Omigosh, Sara, the girl box??!! That poor child will remember that forever...
Alyssa, I think he'll be ok- he's over six foot and strapping to say the least.

Having said that, if anyone's going to dress up in women's clothes for a school performance it's him. I nearly wet myself laughing when his house did a song from the Rocky Horror Show last year in their House Music contest - fishnet tights, purple tail coat and make-up so thick it took a hammer and chisel to remove it!!
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