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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The wanderer has returned....

I'm back, fully revitalised and raring to go...... okay, make that sort of rested and would love a few more days (weeks) in the sunshine!!! Noosa was a totally fab place and our apartment overlooked the beach.... AND we saw two koalas when walking in the National Park. Unfortunately, the kangaroos and dolphins avoided us... but there's always next time. And there most definitely will be a next time.

I even managed to make some notes for my new book - the outline is really taking shape and I can't wait to start writing it.

I have a question for you. When on the plane I got really excited (sad, I know), because on the arrival documentation where it asks occupation I decided that as I've sold I can put writer.... or author. What? In the end I put writer, but dh thought it should be author. What do you reckon?

lol. That reminds me - on this year's census form I got very bolshy and put WRITER in the occupation box, and then put down all the hours I spend at the computer to do with my writing (which includes blog hopping cause that's research, yes?)But I know I hovered between putting Writer/Author. Some say pre-pubbed should be writer, and pubbed author, but I don't think it's really a hard and fast rule.
Glad you loved Noosa - the dolphins are always at hasting street beach, but you really have to tune your eye into see them (if that makes sense). As for kangaroos well you could've seen some at my step-mother's house cos they go down to the damn every morning (I know! Who the hell has kangaroos in their back garden but my family!!!)
I've heard the same as Christina...pre-pubbed is a writer, pubbed is an author. But I say go with whichever you like.

Glad you had fun! Sounds lovely.
What a great dilemma to have! I wrestled with the same thing back when I was a lawyer...only sometimes I was in the mood to be an attorney.
Welcome back.
I always say "novelist" because to me a writer can be a magazine writer or short story writer . . . but a novelist writes . . . well, novels. :-)
Hey... novelist... I like it. Though I do have a couple of text books out there...... in my 'other' name.
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