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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is it me.....

There are few things more pleasurable to me than spending time in a book store. I can spend hours and hours roaming the shelves. And I have a built-in book store detector, enabling me to spot one from a hundred paces - much to my children's annoyance!

Anyway, when I'm wandering around I really want to be left alone. I hate it if the people working there come up and ask if I need any help. No thank you. And then if they don't take the hint and want to engage me in conversaation. NO. LEAVE ME ALONE I shout (in my head, hahaha, I never actually say anything, I'm so polite it's not funny).

And then if they insist on showing me books... like they know my taste.... I don't think so...... I leave - really disgruntled at my pleasurable experience being cut short.

I seriously believe there should be 'Leave The Customer Alone, Unless They Ask for Help' training for all book store workers (actually that would work for fashion stores too).

What about you? Do you want to be left alone when you're in a book store?

I bet you're all going to tell me that it's my problem......

Actually I like to be left alone to do all shopping by myself...but then, I'm not a hugger either ;).

When we meet, Sara, I may just make an exception for you and give you a hug. It's bound to freak us both out.
hahaha. That's so funny. I don't like being pestered when out shopping either.

Next time we meet I'll give you a hug also. Last time we were too polite to do more than nod and smile. hahhahaa. That's funny too!
Omg all this talk about hugging.... I think I'll have to go lie down in a darkened room!

Alyssa - see you in 2008 at RWA SF
Christina see you next year in NZ!!!!!
I don't think I've ever been in a bookshop and had staff bug me. It would definitely annoy me if they did.
I don't think that I've ever been bugged in a book shop either. Mind you, I go there with two small children and they do enough bugging for everyone (especially since our local Borders has a novelty section that sells disguisting squidgy rubber frogs). Which, in fact means that there days I do most of my book shopping on Amazon. Thank goodness for free delivery!
I like to be left alone, except for when I have a question. Then I want a sales person front and center and right there when I ned her!
Well, all I can say is if you haven't been accosted in a book store then you're very lucky. And I'm going to hang out with you in book stores in future.

And Amanda, yes I agree, when I have a question they better be up close and personal (let's make that personable, hahahha) pdq!!!!

Hey, do you think I'm one of those 'customers we love to hate'???
Leave me be to wander in pure bliss is my motto in a bookstore.

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