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Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Step Toooooo Far

I'm pretty tolerant when the phone goes and on the other end is some poor person trying to sell me something, or survey me about something. It's their job. And a pretty soul destroying one at that, I suspect. So, I always politely say no thank you and would never be rude, or slam the phone down.

BUT.... now... things have gone way too far. On both our business and private lines (they're not discerning) I've been getting calls asking me if I'm interested in a mortgage. Nothing wrong with that, you might be thinking. I agree, if the voice on the end of the phone belongs to a real live person. Oh no, the voice belongs to a recording. OMG has the world gone mad? I can't believe anyone would a) listen to the whole message, b) believe they're talking to a human being, or c) be interested in buying from a recording.

The only thing in it's favour, is that I can swear loud and long down the phone when I get the call - and I get them a couple of times a week - which is somewhat satisfying.

Anyone else been getting these calls? And your response?

wow, can they really get any sales that way? I just leave the answerphone on all day, hahaha, so they get no joy from me!
I've been getting loads of recorded calls from candidates running in the upcoming elections here. Talk about voter turn-off!

I generally hang up before five words have been spoken. I wonder if they can even tell, if it even matters... But I feel very good about it.
I get calls for 'free' vacations, and moving companies.

Really annoying and pretty much a guarantee I'll never use those companies.

And they always call at the worst possible time. grrr...
Oh yes, Sinead.... a prerequisite for getting one of these jobs is the ability to discern when the person you're phoning is eating, in the bathroom or doing something else where interuption is very annoying!
When my daughter was a young baby(about a year ago), I'd be rocking her to sleep, and she'd just close her eyes, and give that deep sigh that meant she was almost deep asleep when we'd get one of those calls.
And of course it would wake her and I'd have to start the process all over again.

I tell you, I don't usually swear at people, but....
They leave me messages on my answering machine INCESSANTLY. I come home from work to find, like, five. I never even answer my home phone anymore.
Oh, we've had those recorded telemarketers here in Canada for a while. In fact, my good friend Yuri who used to call me about his moving service every couple of weeks was a recording. I miss Yuri.
I just read the other comments. Maybe Yuri is calling Sinead, now. Sinead, you stole my recorded boyfriend!
Hey, now that you mention it, Yuri does call me... A lot.

Sorry to steal your boyfriend, but he's mine now
Okay, girls. Pistols at dawn...... we can sort this Yuri business in a civilised way!!!!!
I tease my husband all the time because he listens in earnest to all this stuff. Not sure if he'd listen to a recording though. I'll have to ask him.

I always hang up before they start to even talk. I can always tell it's a telemarketer because I have to say hello twice.

P.S. Noticed you're from NZ. We went there on our honeymoon and loved it!
Jenny, we've lived in NZ for 5 years (came from the UK) - it is just the best place to be!
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