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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What's the plan, Stan????

Recently, fab bestselling NZ author Nalini Singh posted about planning blogs, after reading about it on Alison Kent's blog. And it got me thinking that maybe I ought to try it.

Planning certainly suits my anal nature.... as I've mentioned in the past I'm list obsessed. And if I knew, say, that Monday would be about writing, Wednesday about more personal stuff and Friday would be interviewing other authors then not only would I regularly have items to cross off my list, but also I wouldn't have to worry about what to write..... it's not that I don't do spontaneous, I just prefer my spontaneity planned, lol!

So, what do you reckon? Planning blogs.... good or bad thing.....

Btw, Nalini is having a blog party this week and I'm one the participants.... so head on over there. Lots of prizes up for grabs.

I try to think of something a few days in advance. If I just sit down to blog, I'm generally stumped, thinking, what's happened to me recently that's interesting enough to write about.

I totally like my spontaneity planned!
A planning blog sounds good. I'm so scattered these days it would be nice to have some strucuture.
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