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Saturday, November 25, 2006

You've Gotta Be In To Win....

So they tell us on the adverts for the NZ lottery - which is now on twice a week.

But just suppose I actually won.... then what..... I must admit I think through this scenario with monotonous regularity.

What would I do with a few million dollars... well, it needs to be about ten million for me to buy the house I want, put some in trust for my children, travel, totally revamp my wardrobe, donate to various charities... you get the picture.

Then what..... I can't do nothing all day long, I'd go totally barking. And though I want to travel I'm also a home bod, so I can't travel all the time.... And then, of course, there's my writing.... with earning not being one of the motivating forces would I still be happy doing it (I think yes, but it's still something to consider).

See, there's a lot to think about. I'm not saying I don't want to win. I do. But it's bound to throw up as many issues as it resolves.

Your turn. What will you do when you win the lottery.....

I dream of winning the lottery too but since I rarely buy a ticket... BUT if I did win, I'd still carry on writing, because if I didn't I'd go completely round the bend. The only difference would be I'd have a proper office, overlooking the canal and dolphins, instead of having my computer in the corner of the family room!
Hi Sara:
I actually don't think I would write. I would spend the time taking courses in things I am passionate about, maybe get a doctorate in Comparative Religion . . . I would be a perpetual student of the world. I'd also likely open an orphange or something similar. I would be very busy if I won. :-)
christina, an office overlooking dolphins... wow that would be so cool.

Erica, I can relate to being a perpetual student.... whenever I look through a uni's prospectus I think everything sounds interesting.
I'd end up giving most of it away. I'd keep just enough to ensure I didn't have to work if I didn't want to then my children, friends and family would all get a share. Plus my dh and I have always said if we ever were fortunate enough to have that kind of money we'd give a hefty donation to Mr Afnan's unit, the fertility consultant who treated me so some other people could maybe have the familites they long for too.
I'd love to have a summer home and a winter home, and I'd go totally insane with nothing to do. I'd probably still write, travel, splurge a little more than I do now. And I'm sure I could find plenty of books to spend all that money on.

It would be fun to have a cozy little independent bookstore where I didn't have to worry about making money or even breaking even. Think of all those new books...
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