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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Whatever floats your boat....

Today, I went to a Naturopath to checkout how my intolerances are doing - for those of you who don't know me I can't eat anything dairy (yes, that does mean chocolate).

Well.... here's me thinking he'll do a few tests, recommend a few supplements... but NO!!!!!! He doesn't want to do any tests yet.... including the hair test, which if you dye your hair has to be done on hair 'down there' OMG gross, or what. He said he won't do anything until I've been on this hypoallergenic diet for 4-6 weeks.... and what I have to avoid absolutely, altogether, no negotiation is.... diet coke and all other fizzy drinks. WTF. And no bananas, pineapple or any sweets and sugar.... YIKES.

I could my feel my face dropping when he said about the DC and I tried to keep a smile plastered on it, but believe me I was ready to bop him one. I sort of got a brief respite when I mentioned I might get headaches if I stop so he said I could cut down gradually. Phew.

So, over the next few days I've got to demolish my sweet supply, dc supply and anything else tempting. Oh and yay, because I'm allowed a whole half a teaspoon of honey (got to be manuka) on my porridge in the morning. I love honey, I eat at least three or four spoonfuls a day, yum.

I am allowed to eat and drink 'normally' over christmas though.....he also tried to convince me that I could eat butter even though I can't drink milk, something to do with the sugars... the jury's out on that one

That just sucks, Sara! No sweets? And no DC?! At least he gave you Christmas.

Maybe you can break free of the shackles of addiction. Or maybe you don't want to... ;)

Good luck!
You got it in one, Alyssa. I've been very happy with my intake of DC and sweets! Still, I suppose if it makes me healthier.....
oooooh noooooo!! Sara! No sugar at ALL?! Who is this person, maybe he needs a visit en masse from the witches to show him the light!
I reckon, Christina. Are you going to coordinate the visit or shall I?
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