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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bring it on.......

New year.... new resolutions.... and new blogger!

I accepted the invite to move to Beta Blogger.... like I dare do anything else after the last time!

I love the start of a new year. I'm full of good intentions and have a list of resolutions that I've actually written down and will monitor as the year progresses.

And so far, day two, everything is going to plan. I did some writing (yay, for me), did some exercise, and after day one of the diet lost 2 pounds (yes, I know you shouldn't weigh yourself every day, but I can't help myself... I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't step on the scales in the morning).

And talking of withdrawal, it's been nearly 4 weeks without diet coke... and I don't miss it. Okay, I'm probably the supermarket's biggest customer of Light Ginger Beer and Zero Sprite now, but it's not DC. The one thing putting me off drinking DC again is the week long headache I endured after stopping. OMG I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

So, here's to a great 2007. One of my resolutions is to blog twice a week.... see, something else I'm sticking to....

I am a believer in weighing myself everyday when on a diet. If you do it everyday you learn how wildly your body fluctuates. What if you do it once a week on it happens that on that one day you happen to be heavy for some reason? Many people just give up. Someone who weighs everyday knows how their body is and knows they may lose two pounds over night and they don't get too bummed.
Good luck!
Thanks, Teri. I like your reasoning!
The only reason I don't weigh myself everyday is because my scales are broken (which is a complete and utter lie - I just like to pretend they are broken since I couldn't possibly weigh what they seem to think I do!!!!)

Wow, I'm impressed about your DC detox. There are loads of great ginger beer over there - I love Macs non-alcoholic one and Bunderberg ones from QLD are fab as well.
Congrats on the DC success...and the writing AND the exercising. Looks like you're off to a great start this year!

Here's to staying motivated in 2007!
Happy New Year!
You know when I put on the most weight.... when my scales were broken, which came after they were in storage when we moved to NZ. So I had about 4 months of not weighing myself. BIG MISTAKE!

And it had nothing to do with us living in the cnetre of a city, near lots of take-aways, when in the UK we lived in a small village which was 20 mins from anywhere.
Here's to a headache-free 2007! Happy writing!
I'm linking you on my site. Hope that's okay.
Hooray on moving to beta. I take it you didn't have all the problems I did...!

Good luck with all your resolutions. Being the good witch that I am, I'll be here in cyber space to help you with at least a couple!
Hi Sara, good luck! I tried to stop drinking the soda and I failed miserably. haha! I know you'll do better than me. =D
Good for you!

I gave up Diet Coke a couple of years ago. It's amazing how liberating it is!
I am still too much of a scaredy cat to move to beta!

Good for you on your resolutions!
I never weigh myself. I don't even own a scale. The only time is when I'm at the OB/GYN (I had a baby mid-Aug)and I'd somehow convince myself that my maternity tank top and knit skirt weighed at least ten pounds. BUT the last time I went I weighed a pound or two less than my pre-pregnancy weight. O Happy Day! That called for a mandatory shopping spree, don't you agree?

Now to cut out Diet Coke myself. How much were you drinking to have such a bad withdrawal headache? YIKES! Now I'm nervous.

No pop whatsoever, more water, feed my family more healthful foods, and write two more books. Those are my resolutions this year.

Wendy Toliver
Wendy, I was drinking it everyday - sometimes as little as one bottle 600ml and sometimes 2 or 3. Not too much!!!

When researching into caffeine withdrawal (which is the sort of thing you do when you're in the middle of it) I discovered you can get symptoms if you don't drink it at all usually and then drink a lot one day!!!

I'm so impressed at how quickly you shed the baby weight. It took me a year with the first and then with the second.... well, who's counting.
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