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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Quick, before they move the goalposts again..

All day I have been trying to get into my blogger dashboard. First of all, I could get in but this blog totally disappeared and all I could get was a group blog I'm part of. Then later, I couldn't get in at all... and that was the situation ALL DAY. Then, suddenly I did a test post on my friend's blog and then I tried to get back on and I could........

Does blogger not realise I have better things to do with my day? That I have resolutions to keep, one of which is to blog twice a week????

While we're talking resultions, how are mine going? Well, so far so good. Okay, some of them might have fallen by the wayside (not forever, just for the moment), but the important ones I'm more or less sticking to. And because I've scheduled monthly reviews on my calendar then it will remind me what I'm meant to be doing. Well, that's the plan....

Hi Sara, I'm testing too because I left two messages on your last post, but not only did they not appear but blogger then very kindly froze my entire computer! I had to winkle a child from her bed to rescue me!
I'm so sorry....... but rest assured, when I get my new website, complete with new blog, things will be different. I am most grateful to said child!!! I can't see mine being quite so accommodating....
Sorry to hear you're having blog troubles, Sara. That is SO frustrating. Last time I changed up my template, I was doing bits and pieces, refreshing with every change. Then I made a little change, refreshed, and EVERYTHING was gone! It didn't even display my old posts. Totally empty. I don't even know how I got it back.
Yes, blogger was a pain yesterday! Then only new blogger was up and not old blogger. I'm hoping for a calmer day today!
Blogger is so annoying lately!
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