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Monday, January 29, 2007

Smile please.......

Today was a tad on the traumatic side. Because, today I had my author pics taken. I'd sort of planned in advance what to wear, but when it came to it I wasn't sure, so a few minutes before leaving I took something else with me.... and lucky I did because they were the best shots.

I had a detailed brief regarding what was required... head and shoulders, neutral background, no hands.... and then details about the size and other technical things that luckily the photographer understood. They also suggested a professional hair and make-up job.... but I didn't want to risk it.

He took over 50 shots and I needed three to send to my editor. Well, it took longer choosing than it did taking them. Finally, we came up with these three:

I wanted to load this one for my blogger pic, but for some reason I can't:

What beautiful pics, Sara. You look very elegant and poised!
I like the top one--you look accessible and beautiful!
I don't know why this didn't post before - grrrr to blogger! Anyway I like the third one the best - up close and personal! You know for twenty one you don't scrub up too bad!
Thanks for the lovely comments. I'm glad they're done..... it's not a pleasant experience. There was one awful shot with my eyes half closed and my mouth all distorted, which my darling son decided to make my screen saver, hahahahaha. It's not there now!!
You look lovely. I like all of them.
I, too, prefer the first one. You look the most natural there, like you're having a funny conversation with the way you are leaning in slightly. The others are very pretty as well, but seem a bit more formal.
Very nice, Sara! Hmm, #2 stands out for me. =D And I really dreaded my author pics, too. In fact, I'll probably have to do it again next year!
They look great! I think I like the first one best!

(And I haven't seen that movie with James Cagney in your other post...)
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