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Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh no, not again...

I was celebrating my daughter's birthday with her at the weekend and she commented about my 'stupid genes'. Excuse me. Stupid. Me? Hadn't I spent all her formative years explaining why you never call people stupid???

Okay, so occasionally I might do silly things. In fact there's one thing I do with monotonous regularity and, you guessed it, I did it again at the weekend.

I stopped at McDonalds to use the bathroom. Being desperate to go, I charged in, quickly scanned the room and thought this doesn't seem familiar (this is one of my regular stops, so I know it well), then suddenly realised I was in the men's. I made a hasty exit and went into the, more familiar, women's. Lucky for me there was no one in there.

I have barged into the men's bathroom and seen men standing there before, but the worst time must be about ten years ago.

I was at college and went into the bathroom. It was empty and I remember fleetingly thinking it strange there was only one cubicle, but it didn't deter me. Anyway, after I'd finished, I picked up my bag, unlocked the door and walked into a room of guys. OMG it's the sort of stuff nightmares are made of. So, I did the only thing I could... put my head down, held on tightly to the bag on my shoulder, pushed my way through and shot out of the door.

And in case you're wondering, no I didn't stop to wash my hands......

How about you? Tell me some embarrassing things you've done.

I have never done that, but once when I was about ten or twelve, I was at Pizza Hut with my mom and a couple of friends and their mom. We were sitting separately from the moms, laughing rather uproariously after having downed some carbonated beverage or other and suddenly I burped. But to my ears it didn't sound like a sounded like an enormous belch, lasting forever and echoing through the restaurant. I was mortified, but my friends just stared for a minute and we all started laughing again.

I have never forgotten that...and maybe I shouldn't have revealed it here...but time will tell...
Alyssa, I know just the sort of burp you mean. It's ok, you can reveal things here.... we won't tell....
I am so pissed off with Blogger. First my account totally disappears. Now I can get in but not to my dashboard.....
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