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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is a test.....

Hands up all of you who remember the movie 'Angels With Dirty Faces' . I'll give you a clue, it had James Cagney in it.

I can't believe that everyone I asked yesterday didn't know it (guys as well as girls). It might be an old black and white movie, and clearly made before I was born... but even so.... it's a classic.

The reason this came up was because I was saying about how his character was bad but he redeemed himself in the end.... and I won't say how, just yet.

Of course, I guess no one will remember him in Yankee Doodle Dandy. Did you know he was rated a better dancer than Fred Astaire?

Hey Sara:
Here in the US we have AMC and TCM, two classic movie channels, and about the ONLY thing I watch other than Anthony Bourdain, whose illegitimate child I would like to have. :-)

I love Cagney! But my fave old movie is Waterloo Bridge, Vivian Leigh's first post-GWTW movie.
I don't know that one. Though if I saw it I bet I'd remember it!

I've seen Anthony a couple of times on TV over here... he's pretty cool!
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