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Monday, February 12, 2007

Yes...... it's happened again

What is it about me, that every few weeks I get tagged. This time, my very good friend and crit partner, Amanda, has tagged me to write 10 quirky things/facts/strange facts about myself, then tag 10 friends. Okay... here goes:

1. Despite having owned a dishwasher for over fifteen years, I still get a flutter of excitement when I open it and see everything is clean and sparkling (I'm writing this thinking omg what a weirdo!!!).

2. I regularly put something on the hob to cook, forget about it and go out (in fact I did this again today when I went out for a blood test).

3. When I was 13 during sewing lessons, I finished what I was making and said to the teacher: 'What shall I make next?' and she said to me: 'Bring a book and don't waste your parents money'.

4. Both times I was pregnant I ate 3 kingsize Mars Bars a day (and I don't even like Mars Bars).

5. I said my first word when I was 6 months (hello was the word) and I haven't stopped talking since!

6. My sporting claim to fame was beating the best tennis player in the school (and she also played for the county). The fact that I only won because of her errors, and not my skill, has nothing to do with it.

7. I have danced on the West End stage at the London Palladium - okay... I'll own up, I was on a tour of the theatre and we were allowed on the stage!

8. I stopped swearing in front of the children when my daughter at age 18 months sat up in her cot and said: 'for fuck's sake'.

9. I am such a list freak that I add things to my list after I've done them just so I cross them off.

10. I'm still trying to think of another one.... I'll update later - Desperate Housewives is just about to start


I still haven't thought of a number 10..... I also forgot to tag anyone.... rather than name names I'll let you decide, but don't forget to tell me.....

OMG that's too funny about your dishwasher. Reminds me of when we first moved to Oz, and got REALLY excited over the automatic reticulation!
OMG, I do number 9, too!!!!

LOL. I thought I was the only one.

I know the feeling about the dishwasher. Would you believe I've only had my dishwasher for about...10 months?? haha! It's wonderful!!
Still laughing about the dishwasher, even after reading the others... I can just picture you standing in front of it. Look! They're clean! It's a miracle!
Yikes! #8 is too funny!

I came home from a softball game and told my dad that I'd hit a 'double'. He looked at me over his glasses and said, 'Was there an error involved?' And darn it if there wasn't. But that wasn't my fault!!!
Maureen, I'm laughing at you laughing......
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